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I can’t imagine that you don’t know Hitomi Tanaka in picture or as she is affectionately known in the porn world: Big Tit Hitomi.

Some years ago when she was doing all her porn work in Japan I also hoped that we might one day see some of her work where her pussy isn’t pixelated as it is a law in Japan that no porn may be released to the public without genitals being censored. When I heard the news that Scoreland signed her I was ecstatic as it’s not a Japanese network or porn production company and it was time to get a peek at her sweet pussy but alas no such luck.

It turns out there is still some reason and as I far as I understand it is something personal on her part, but I don’t know what exactly it is, for her not to reveal it all.

All of the other girls do though and they are all hot as fuck. Save 51% off with this Scoreland discount and become a member of arguably the best massive boobs porn site around.

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A DDF Network pass is going to make you grin from ear to ear. I know we’ve all got a passion for babes with big boobs, we also want to see them experiencing the cock in full HD scenes. It really defies logic that there would be so many top heavy girls all in the one place. That’s exactly what you’ve got though, and better yet the action is as intense as you could ever need.

You won’t even need to consult your cock on whether you should save up to 82% off on the DDF Network, it’s going to tell you to go for it or else. The network has 12 equally awesome sites for you to explore. Not to mention a cast of 2,555+ girls. Doesn’t that already get you hard? now put all that smoking hot sex with a further 15,300 scenes and wow… you’ve most certainly got it all.

These large, and cock happy girls are going to make you cum multiple times. They’re going to milk every last drop of jizz from you but yet they’ll still want more. Don’t let this scare you, let it drive you a little deeper than you’re used to, use that to give them a night of pleasure that they’ll never forget.

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Perfect Gonzo is a godlike mixture of anal, ass, big tits, gonzo porn, and just good old fashioned action that always gets right to the point. The 10 site network got its start all the way back in 2003. Since that time they’ve gone from strength to strength to strength. All of the scenes are 100% exclusive and you can count on the quality being the best that it can possibly be.

They have over 970 smoking hot girls that get it on in 1,900+ scenes. The network is still updating on a daily basis and that really does give you and your cock the incentive to come back daily for more big tits action. You’ll fall in love with their site Prime Cups. This is where you can find sweet looking girls with the biggest and most firmest looking breasts.

The videos can all be streamed online or downloaded. I forgot to mention that they have well over 287,000 pictures so make sure that you check out how sweet the high-res images are. Now is the time to stand up and make a difference, now is the time that you get Prime Cups for 67% off with our discount and get bonus sites from Perfect Gonzo!

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Now don’t let the title of this article throw you off. I don’t mean to imply in any way, shape or form that there is something wrong with men who like big women, I mean there’s entire sites like these filled with them. However, usually when people think of counseling, they usually think about alcohol addiction, drug addiction, or some sort of behavioral problem. Well, it’s a sad commentary on our present western society that guys who like a little bit of extra meat on their women need counseling, they really do.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that men who like big women need to be talked out of their fetish. Instead, I mean the precise opposite. They should be encouraged; they should be given strategies and tips, so they can hook up more often. You have to remember that if you let other people know that you are part of that group of men who like big women, you are going to be ridiculed. People are going to roll their eyes at you and laugh at you; a lot of people would talk behind your back.

Why? They think that you’re weird. They think that you are engaged in some sort of fetish that is embarrassing and shameful. Well, let me break it down to you; there’s no shame in that game. If people are embarrassed or put off by the fact that you like overweight women, then you should call them out on it.

Why is your preference wrong when their preference for thin women with blonde hair is perfectly acceptable? You have to remember that personal preferences are exactly that, they’re personal. This is not a matter of democracy; this is not a matter of thinking up poll and seeing how many votes a particular beauty standard gets. Everybody is entitled to their own definition of beauty; I mean this is the kind of thing that people talk about over and over again. I mean, how many times have you heard the saying beauty is in the eye of the beholder?

But just like what anything else that we believe in society, people talk to a big game but when it comes down to it, they fall apart. They come out as hypocrites, and they can’t deliver. So don’t be one of those people. Understand that if you’re a part of those groups of men who like big women, you need to celebrate your fetish. Don’t be ashamed, be proud of it. It’s part of who you are, and you’re entitled to your own preferences just like anybody else.

A little bit of respect for others and yourself goes a long way.  

What do sex with local BBWs say about society

You may be thinking that the title of the article of is quite ambitious. I really can’t fault you for thinking that way. I mean, usually when people think about sex they usually think about larger social historical and cultural issues. Instead, they think about things that happen underground they think about that hot mom that lives around the corner in their neighborhood.

That’s how far ahead they think, it’s all local to them. Well as the old saying goes, what is personal is political. You might think that your sex life and your preferences have nothing to do with the times you live in, as well as, the culture and society you find yourself in. But the truth is, you are a product of your times. You are a product of society, history, sociology, and all of that.

Your psychology however, private as it may be, is just a reflection of these greater forces. If you understand this, then you can actually come up with certain small lessons that may not be that obvious. These small lessons can actually combine to produce great benefits in all areas of your life.

This is definitely true when it comes to dating local BBWs from . If you want to be more successful in dating these types of chicks, you have to overcome in grained and long established behavioral patterns and attitudes that get in the way of you meeting more of these women and having the right attitude. The truth is if you want to be successful with any type of women you have to have the right attitude. You have to have the attitude of a winner.

Unfortunately, thinking that just because a woman is overweight that this automatically means that she is somehow, someway desperate for dick is going to work against you. So keep this in mind, understand and deconstruct the attitudes that hold you back.

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Watch voluptuous vixens in sultry stripteases and hot masturbation sessions. See them meet up with other beauties with huge boobs and make out passionately as they press their together and grope those glorious tits. You’re in for some hot XXX where these stacked babes suck and fuck hung dudes. Watch a cock stroke and disappear in mountainous cleavage. You won’t find better visuals anywhere else. Here’s where you can save now at DDF Busty with this deal.

There’s more than 1,700 videos awaiting you inside of here and about the same number of photos. Of course, as the site only continues to grow in popularity, regular updates are coming in all the time so you’ll always have fresh new content to check out. You can download and save your favorites of course; it’s one of the hottest networks with the sexiest babes. Check out such talents as Merilyn Sekova, Leanne Crow, Gianna Michaels, Ines Cudna, Eva Notty, Maserati, Lucie Wilde, Siri, and Angel Wicky. You won’t regret adding this hot little number to your collection!

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Chicks that can actually provide decent enough sized buns to hug your hotdog is more rare than I thought. At least fit ones.

Reality Kings is offering us a discount of up to 83% off Big Naturals. One of their 40+ premium sites.

I don’t mean that this is one of their best quality ones, all of them are brilliant. They’re not one of the market leaders by chance.

When I saw the 67% saving for a site of this class I was in for sure. Then I noticed that a membership purchase to this one gave me unrestricted access to the lot.

I’m as happy as a kitten with a saucer of milk with this find.

I’m starting with Big Naturals, it’s the one that initially caught my eye after all and I have been long for the awesome titty fucks I used to get from my ex-girlfriend until I caught her getting fucked by a friend of mine.

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When it comes to quality porn, Brazzers is a name that always comes to mind. Not only is their network a total mammoth and a house hold name when it comes to the adult entertainment industry, but they really do just have the best of the best.

I myself happen to be a boob guy, and they never fail to deliver with presenting absolutely stunning babes with amazing racks. And not only that, but they just know exactly what it takes to push me over the edge and drive me crazy. Whether that be with amazing directing and camera shots ensuring we get to see plenty of bouncing tits as these sexy sluts bounce up and down on a hard cock, or that there’s plenty of tit fucking and big boobs covered in cum!

Check out their Baby Got Boobs discount to see exactly what it is I mean and much much more on the Brazzers network. One thing I know some people shy away from is that because they’re so good they thing it will be unaffordable, but if you use that link you will see that it’s probably less than sites you’ve paid which were no where near as good!

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I’ve been dying to share these big discounts to porn sites ever since I came across them! I have never in my life found such crazy low prices to such high quality porn sites in my life! It’s like they’re practically just throwing big tittied bitches in your lap!

I am quite the stickler when it comes to porn. Don’t get me wrong, women are beautiful creatures, but I know what I like, and I’m not going to settle for less. For me, porn is an outlet into my ultimate fantasy. I want what is unattainable and insanely hot and love to get off again and again to the amazing videos I have found here.

These sites have led me to amazing women with giant phenomenal tits in some of the most erotic and naughty sex scenes I have ever seen. If you too are looking for a mind blowingly beautiful woman, with a perfect big rack, and a hot body performing in high quality porn scenes, then you should look no further!

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Well, would you look at that? This babe was jogging along and made some guy trip over the box he was trying to carry. Naturally, she and her perfect tits bounced right over to help him up. His princess in spandex had finally come along to rescue him and his nasty case of blue balls. She tapes up his knee and begins this sexual rendezvous with a kiss to make him all better… on his dick, that is.

They’re so sweaty from jogging and packing boxes, they decide it’s best to start things off in the shower, getting all soapy and clean, and… wet. It isn’t long before those big beautiful tits are pressed up against the glass shower door and he’s thrusting into her deep from behind.

Have I got your attention yet? Good, because this video will help you with your bad case of blue balls too. Here’s where you can save up to 74% off Big Naturals with this discount. There’s lots of busty porn babes to be had, and you’re missing out, so go have a look.

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If you like larger-than-life girls with larger-than-life tits, then you need to check out the amateurs at OMG Big Boobs. Currently there is a new discount for with up to 67% off. You can join up for a year and pay the equivalent of just $9.95 per month to see some huge titillating ta-tas. Updates are coming thrice weekly and you will only find all natural tits here.

The ladies on this site have never been on camera before. There’s plenty of solo posing and teasing as well as some role play. There’s a bit of massaging and pussy-play as well. You won’t be short on interest here, especially when you see tits covered in huge whipped cream bras, getting thrown up over shoulders, and swung around like it’s time for take-off. Check things out and grab your deal today!

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Scoreland gives you unrestricted entry to a Network of sites all devoted to monster mammaries! Nothing on these sites is small – the women are all beautiful and the breasts are big and glamorous! With over 1,500 of the bustiest babes on the planet, as a member, you can explore all the girls to your heart’s content. Whether you like blondes or brunettes, vixens, cougars or teens, they’re all there within easy reach. Christy Marks; Mary Carey; Gianna Rossi; and even Samantha 38G, are all waiting for you to click on their name and drool over their voluptuous racks! Our current discount for 51% off is a beauty too – just $19.99 for a 30-day pass, or $16.66 per month for a 3-month subscription. And if that isn’t enough tits for your taste, you can check out more big tit discounts here!

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At Large Series we always like to try to keep you guys as up to date as we can when it comes to busty babes porn. I’ve been told by more than one person lately that I’ve got to get myself a VR headset so that I can watch those virtual reality videos from Naughty America. Now of course I’ve heard about VR, it’s been around since I was a wee little lad. It’s gained a real following over the last few years and with high-tech kits available right now it’s no wonder porn companies like Naughty America are getting on the bandwagon by making quality vr sex videos.

Anyone that’s looked at any porn no matter where it’s been has at one time or another watched Naughty America sex. Being as cutting edge as they are they’ve started to produce a range of virtual reality sex videos and I’m about to watch my first one. I only got my headset yesterday and since it’s all setup and I’m actually all alone I figure now’s a good time to put it to good use.

I’ve heard this is like watching a POV sex video but only at least 100 times better so you can imagine I’m pretty keen to get the action going. Right now they have just on 45 vr ready scenes to watch and with full and unlimited network access I’ve got some seriously awesome action to enjoy. You guys should use this discount to virtual reality videos at Naughty America!

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Sometimes you just have to do things your way, lets face it most of the time it’s better and at least you know you’ve given it your best. While I like doing most things for myself I really couldn’t be expected to provide myself with 100% quality porn, as such I let the guys at naughty america take care of my needs for adult xxx sex. I really couldn’t get a better amount of smoking hot action no matter where I looked.

The Naughty America network just screams quality, not only do they have the hottest list of pornstars but they’ve also got the action to back it up. In total they have well over 7,000 porn movies and around 45 sites within their xxx network. The girls also number in the thousands and there’s also daily network updates. Take look at the discounted offer that these guys have at and I’m sure you’ll grab yourself instant access in no time at all.

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Keeping things simple is the way I like to do things. This is simply the lowest price for that I’ve seen for at least the last year or so. For anyone that doesn’t know Scoreland is like the gods of large breasted babes. These guys have more top heavy girls than you could ever wish for, better yet they have them going for it in hardcore and softcore action. You can see the girls strain as they bend over with their huge tits in full view, watch them bouncing up and down as they take a hard cock and more.

Scoreland has the content and the girls that will always keep you coming back for more. Updates always come thick and fast and with 1000’s of videos you’ll be busy for ages watching those juicy babes going for it deep and hard. Since 1991 Scoreland has been working hard to bring you big tits love guys only the sexiest girls, make your job even easier by grabbing a full membership pass now. Get a discount to Scoreland for 56% off.

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If someone had of told me in advance that I’d be able to get a large discount to Busty Beauties I doubt I’d still be here. Man this site is a busty babe lovers paradise. Now of course they don’t call it Busty Beauties for nothing, there’s a good range of top heave girls inside and loads of content where you can see them in xxx action. That’s right guys these babes might be busty and beautiful, but you can still see them being fucked deep and hard on camera.

Everything that you see on the site is 100% exclusive. Videos come in mostly HD and there’s around 2,290 of them to watch. The babes are the real stars here and boy do they have some stunners. Babes like Kagney Lynn Karter, Alanah Rae, Alexa Nicole, are just a few of the big tits babes that await you inside. I also noticed with my large discount I could also access the Hustler porn network, talk about a hot bonus on an already awesome deal!

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